I develop spaces and experiences for people and ideas together to create a new type of nightlife.


When I was 19, after things started to go downhill after economically in Ireland, I left art college in London, took a disused room of my parent’s old nightclub and started doing parties once a week; Which then turned into a club for all the people into electronic music in the west, and then over 5 years transformed it into ‘Electric’ - a 10,000 sqft, all-day, all-night space with a restaurant called Biteclub, a cocktail bar and two club spaces.

In the beginning I didn’t really think about it I just wanted to create something that gave a home to the people and things that I cared about. As it grew I wanted to make something that challenged the idea of what a nightclub outside the capital city should be and give young people a better experience of growing up in a small town.



Design & Development, Creative Direction, Curation, Events & Experiential, Production, Project Management, Strategy, 3D, Food & Beverage.

Body&Soul Festival, The Irish Times, Failte Ireland, Electric Picnic, Bram Stoker Festival, Galway International Arts Festival, Electric Galway, Biteclub, Ard Bia Nimmos.



All photos on this site were taken by Shantanu Starick as he has been travelling the world for his latest project, Pixel Trade.